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8’6” x 20” x 3 ½” Oaxaca model

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Year 2019.

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8’6” x 20” x 3 ½” Oaxaca model

Notes: Built for medium size Puerto Escondido

1 review for 8’6” x 20” x 3 ½” Oaxaca model


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    Jay Boon

    Gary shaped a board for me that’s very similar to this, but it is a 10’0”.
    The board is an absolute dream and has made mine come thrue for over 5 years now. I’ve taken it all around the world, from California to Hawaii, from South Africa to Ireland. The board is my trusted go to gun in all big wave conditions and never disappoints. Because of Gary’s decades of surf travel and shaping he is loved and respected around the world and as one of his board owners you can feel a little bit of that: everywhere I went, people would come up to me and say something like “Gary still shapes a nice board, mate.” Owning a Linden gun almost feels like a right of passage. It has opened many doors for me in the most spectacular of waters.